Horoscope Pisces February 2018

On the 20th you entered a very spiritual period in a spiritual year. (Actually the spiritual life has been unusually important for the past seven years.) It is a period for living a supernatural kind of life rather than a natural one. How much supernatural phenomena depends on the stage you are on the path, but it will be more than usual. The spiritual life seems at the centre of the most important things in life -love, health and finance. There are spiritual dimensions to all these things and this is a month where you go more deeply into them. The Divine is not only the source of all financial supply, but of all love and health as well. If you are running around trying to deal with these things through ‘outer’ or ‘human’ methods, you are merely spinning your wheels. If there are problems in any of these areas, turn to the spirit within.
You are always very generous, but this month more so -especially in areas that involve ministry, or feeding the hungry or homeless. This charitable giving (most of you understand this by now) actually opens up the spiritual
doors of supply. Every charitable act is like a deposit in a spiritual bank account – it is there collecting interest and you can draw upon it any time. The people you meet as you involve yourself in charities can be important financially as well. Your financial intuition is very sharp.
If there are financial problems, the spiritual solution (even though it may sound counter-intuitive) is to increase your charitable giving. You put the universe in your debt by these actions, and it must respond to you.
Spiritual healing has been important (and powerful) since January 19, and will be important all month. Health is good, but you can enhance it further by staying ‘prayed up’ and in alignment with the spirit. On the physical level, pay more attention to your ankles and calves (until the 19th) and to your feet thereafter.
On the 19th you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. Yes, spirituality, otherworldliness, has its charms. But you are incarnate in a body and the body has its needs – and it’s time to take care of those needs.
On the 23rd Mars crosses the Ascendant, bringing financial windfalls and opportunities. Not only that but it brings vim, vigour and energy to the body. You are motivated, in the mood to make things happen and achieve personal goals, and you don’t suffer fools lightly. Job opportunities (as well as financial opportunities) are seeking you out, if you want them. Nothing much you need to do for any of these things – they just come to you. Job-seekers are successful now. You are in the mood for work.
Love opportunities are also seeking you out. A current love is going way out of his or her way to please you. You are having life on your terms now – financially, in your career and in love.

Horoscope 2018

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