Horoscope Pisces December 2021

Predictions Pisces December 2021

This is one of your best career months in a great career year. Rapid progress is being made as the forward momentum of the planets intensifies day by day. By the end of the month all the planets will be in forward motion.
People will be happy and optimistic during this period, if insensitive. Don’t take these insensitivities too much to heart, as they are not aimed at you but are just part of the astrological weather. The element of Water is weak this month, while Fire and Air are strong. The urge to action – rush and impatience – outweighs the impact of these actions on feelings. Many people are not aware of their own feelings, much less yours. Nevertheless, you succeed on all fronts.
Push forward boldly in your career aspirations. Take the opportunity to do a good turn for the career of a family member as well. The status of your family as a whole increases. Cultivating the right friends is a big help. Social relations with people of prominence and power will go forward after the 11th. Your lover or partner is supportive of your career goals and plays a big role here. A great month to find investors or outside sources of capital.
On a financial level, cut costs, reduce debt and get rid of possessions that you don’t need. Don’t cut muscle, only fat. Your financial interest lies in the prosperity of others. When partners and shareholders prosper, so will you. Financial opportunities come to you in disguise this month. They come in the form of junk in the attic, or a distressed company or property that has intrinsic value much greater than it seems. Be on the alert.
Love is delicate until the 11th. After that a current relationship moves forward again. Singles gain greater social confidence after the 11th as well. The urge is towards people of prominence and those who can help your career. The pursuit of career aspirations leads to romance very naturally. Office or industry parties bring romantic opportunities. There are brief flirtations with bosses or superiors.
There are many travel opportunities, both domestic and foreign. All seem happy. Domestic travel, though, is better after the 11th than before.
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