Horoscope Pisces December 2020

The Moon waxes from the 14th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 1st to the 14th and on the 31st: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 14th is a Solar Eclipse. It’s usually wise to take a reduced schedule and avoid stressful activities at these times, but read on for more details. The Moon of the 30th is a Lunar Eclipse – again it’s usually wise to take a reduced schedule and avoid stressful situations, but see below for more information.
An exciting, tumultuous month, Pisces. Brace yourself.
A heavenly T-Square, many planets in Sagittarius and a stressful Solar Eclipse on the 14th all counsel taking a reduced schedule and more rest and relaxation – especially until the 21st. Mars in your own Sign will urge you to power struggles and hyper-activity, but try to resist this. Do your best to be above the fray.
Many planets in the east this month complicate the situation in that you want your way and you feel more independent. Nothing wrong with this, only try to proceed with minimum resistance from others. Go around obstacles rather than through them.
The Solar Eclipse of the 14th is strong on you, so try to take a particularly reduced schedule two days before and a day afterwards. Do what truly needs to be done and reschedule all else. Avoid, where possible, stressful activities such as international travel, elective surgery or sporting competitions. Only you can distinguish the necessary from the unnecessary.
This Eclipse occurs in your 10th House of Career and is showing long-term career changes. Now, you’ve had these tendencies almost all year – the Eclipse just caps it off. Your career changes will be positive – either with a new company or within your present one. But the change comes through upheaval and shake-ups. Sudden changes in your corporate hierarchy create new rules and new opportunities for you. Sudden shake-ups in another company could also achieve the same result – they change the ‘gestalt’ of your career status. This Eclipse is also impacting on Mercury – both your Love and Home-Family Life planet. Thus it is signalling long- term changes in these areas as well. Most of the important areas of life are being affected, making this a significant Eclipse. If your career changes it wouldn’t be a surprise if there was an accompanying change in residence. Perhaps a move or renovation. A move could also cause your career change. The dirty linen comes up in a current relationship and it is good that it does. You have a chance to examine it and correct things. (Many of these things are coming from miscommunication or misunderstanding – time and patience will help you correct them. Don’t try to correct things when passions are high, as you’ll only make them worse.)
The Lunar Eclipse of the 30th is also showing career change and is reinforcing the career issues we’ve mentioned. This Eclipse is kinder on you and is significant for singles involved in a love affair. This affair gets tested now. If it is fundamentally good you may take the next step, otherwise it will dissolve or implode. Its status will change one way or another.
Finances will be good, but you have to work harder for them.

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