Horoscope Pisces August 2021

Predictions Pisces August 2021

Increased retrograde activity this month doesn’t affect you too much. And the two eclipses are basically benign. You are working hard and playing hard now.
If you are taking a holiday, do so before the 13th. Afterwards you might want to take a working holiday or short weekend hops. When travelling you must allow more than enough time to get to your destination.
Earnings are still strong this month. Speculations are favourable until the 20th. Your creativity is your fortune until then as well. After the 20th money comes from work and your ability to achieve work goals efficiently. Where money comes in happy ways before the 20th, afterwards it is earned.
Love is still delicate now as your Love Planet is retrograde until the 23rd. If the relationship is basically sound, expect a new depth of love after the 23rd. Perhaps even a commitment. If the relationship is not sound there are many new romantic opportunities waiting for you after the 23rd.
Though your health is good this month, take a reduced schedule from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd – the eclipse periods. Of course do what you must do and fulfil all your obligations, but if a thing need not be done then re-schedule it for another time.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th affects you on a spiritual level, influencing your spiritual activities more than your worldly ones. Many of you will be changing meditation styles, psychics and gurus this period. Others will experience weird dreams and visions – many of which are nothing more than a surfacing of hidden complexes and impurities in the subconscious. Those of you involved in spiritual orga-nizations, ministries or charities will make changes in these areas as hidden flaws and dissatisfactions come to light.
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd has more worldly implications. It shows job changes and major changes at your place of work. The conditions of work change. Employers lose workers and have to rehire others. Flaws in these areas come to light in order to force action. Still, there is nothing to fear. Both jobs and workers are plentiful now. This Solar Eclipse also affects your health attitudes and health regimes. Many of you are changing doctors, health plans, health insurance companies and dietary regimes. If there has been a hidden health problem it will surface so that you can deal with it.

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