Horoscope Pisces August 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 4th and-from the 19th to the 31st: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the.5th to the 19th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 19th occurs in Leo, your 6th Solar House. New and important information comes regarding health and work. The Moon of the 4th occurs in; Aquarius, your 12th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve.spiritual and charitable goals.
Though you still need to watch your health and your energy – especially1 after the 23rd — this is going, to be a happy month.
Jupiter and Venus, the two-rapture planets of the Zodiac, make a rare (once every II years) conjunction in your House of Rapture (the 5th Housed Need we say more? Considering how hard you’ve been working – both at home and at work – no one deserves it more than you. This conjunction brings the honeymoon back to an existing relationship. For singles it shows a torrid and happy love affair. It brings luck in speculations and a supernatural creativity. And though you will still be working hard this month, there will be many more parties and entertainments. There will be a general increase in personal pleasure and sensual delight. Those of you involved in sport and creative enterprises might win an award or some distinction during this period. The cosmos is conspiring to make you happy – and you will share this happiness with others.
Further increasing your happiness is the growth in power in your native Water element. People will be more loving, caring and sensitive now- unlike the way they’ve been in the past few months. ~
The planets are making a shift to the upper half of your Horoscope towards the end of the. month. So, whereas you were more concerned with inner, emotional issues, now you will be more concerned with your career and outward aspirations. Career is now progressing as it should. Pluto, your Career Planet, starts moving forward {after many months of retrograde motion) on the 23rd. You are clear and confident. True, you will work harder, but at least you know the direction to take.
Romance is active this month, but more favourable for ‘fun and games’ types of relationships than serious ones. Serious romantic opportunities are out there, but your family and career obligations could interfere – you don’t have the time to give your beloved the attention he or she deserves.
Finances are strong this month as well. Speculations, as we mentioned, are favourable – especially until the 23rd. Creative projects are more likely to bring profits as well as pleasure these days. Mars, your Money Planet, is firmly forward, and financial goals are clear in your mind. Expenses at home could still be a problem and you have to make some tough financial choices here. Do you spend available funds on the home and family members or do you invest in your career? There is no right answer that we could give – you will have to weigh up both sides and try to give each its due.

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