Horoscope Pisces August 2019

The party period of the past two months is not over yet, it’s just in more of a lull. You are still partying and enjoying life, but are taking a ‘work break’ since July 22. With your 6th house of health and work still powerful until the 22nd, job seekers have excellent aspects. This is a good month to do all those mundane, detail-oriented, ‘boring’ chores such as getting your filing system in order, making sure you have copies of important documents, doing your bookkeeping, balancing your accounts, etc. You have a greater ability to handle details these days and you should take advantage of it.
The planetary power is now in its maximum Western position this month. This will be the case next month as well. Keep in mind our discussion of this last month. Self-assertion and self-will won’t work these days. Allow good to happen, don’t try to force things. Cultivate the good graces of others – they are the instruments of your good.
Love is good this month. The love planet is moving speedily forward and there is great confidence in love now. Social goals are achieved speedily. Not only that, but you enter a yearly social peak on the 22nd. So the social life is much more active than usual. Singles most likely won’t marry this period – the aspects for marriage are much better in 2019 and 2015 – but still there is romance and happiness on the love front. Sometimes there is a meeting with the person that you will marry in the future. Sometimes it just indicates meeting people who are ‘marriage material’. There are many possible scenarios.
The main challenge in love – and this happens after the 24th – is bridging the differences between you and the beloved. You are meeting people who are exactly your oppo­site, with opposite perspectives on life and opposite positions on things. Those already in a relationship are also experienc­ing this within the relationship. Keep in mind that in astrol­ogy, the person most opposite to you is the natural marriage partner. On a higher level opposites are seen as complemen­tary – our other half. When opposites unite you have the most powerful of relationships.
Avoid speculations or financial risk-taking on the 1st and 2nd. Important financial changes are happening then. The financial intuition, though good, needs more verification that period. Try to avoid risky situations in general then.
Be more patient with parents, parent figures and bosses from the 4th to the 13th. They are going through personal changes and are apt to be more temperamental. They should avoid risky situations that period as well.
Health is more delicate after the 22nd. Rest and relax more. Keep your mind on the really important things in life and let go of trivia. Enhance the health by giving more attention to the heart until the 22nd and to the small intes­tine afterwards. Stresses in love after the 22nd affect the health. If this happens, restore harmony as quickly as possible.