Horoscope Pisces April 2021

Predictions Pisces April 2021

Another one of the happier months in a happy year. Yes, you can take happiness for granted this year. Almost all the planets are working in your favour – either overtly or covertly. With Mercury, your Love Planet, going forward after the 20th, even your love life starts to straighten out. The planetary momentum is forward, indicating another month of positive progress and achievement.
Strong power in your own Sign and 80 to 90 per cent of the planets in the Eastern sector show that you are having things your way. You have little need to compromise and have plenty of power to go it alone if things don’t suit you. If you have kept your imagery positive you are building and manifesting a wonderful life. Few people have your imaginative powers – thus what comes to you is probably shocking to others.
Venus moves into your own Sign on the 4th, joining the other master of rapture, Jupiter. Together they form a mighty conspiracy of good, bringing you luck and happiness beyond your wildest dreams.
Your physical body shines. You dress with unusual beauty and elegance. Your movements are poetic. Your personal glamour and sex appeal are at all-time highs and the opposite sex is attracted to you in droves. You take on the image of someone rich, prominent, beautiful and successful. Even if you were born into humble surroundings, right now you live – or have the opportunity to live – the lifestyle of a jet- setter. Your personal surroundings are more opulent – each according to his or her concept of opulence.
Along with this, your fondest sensual desires – for food, drink, sex and other stimulations – are being fulfilled. The easy, indulgent life is tempting you now. The danger is in over-indulgence or in getting lazy and soft.
There is much financial support and opportunity from your spouse, lover or friends. Money comes from the job as well. Earnings are strong. Investors have to struggle between the urge to take profits and the urge to take a long- term view. You possess great power to create wealth on your own terms, using your own personal initiative.

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