Horoscope Ox 2018

The Year of the Dog 2018 starts on 4 February and will be a busy one for the Ox. However, the Ox is made of stern stuff and due to his tenacity and strength of character will not only accomplish a great deal but also further his experience. And the year will also contain some memorable and personally happy times.
As far as the Ox’s work is concerned, this will be a demanding year with a sometimes heavy workload as well as new responsibilities. The Dog year will ask a lot of the Ox but it will give him an excellent chance to add to his experience and reveal new strengths that he will be able to make much of in following years.

Oxen who are keen to move on from their current work or who are seeking work may not, however, find their quest easy. The Dog year requires the Ox to work for results and it could be only after several attempts – and some disappointments – that these Oxen manage to obtain something suitable. The positions offered will sometimes be different from what they were originally seeking, but their new duties will give them the chance to extend their experience in other areas as well as widen their scope for the future. The Dog year can teach the Ox a lot, as well as be of long-term value. April, May, September and November could be the best times for career developments.
In addition to what he learns in carrying out his duties, the Ox should also make the most of any training opportunities that are offered and any chances to meet other colleagues. Any positive action he can take during the year will be helpful to his position and prospects.
As far as his finances are concerned, the Ox will need to remain careful. Although many Oxen will enjoy an increase in income, outgoings will need to be watched and whenever possible early provision should be made for larger purchases and expenses. If the Ox is considering any expensive work on his home, he should get a breakdown of costs as well as check the terms carefully. If not, an oversight could cause problems later. Similarly, when dealing with tax returns and other financial forms, the Ox needs to be his thorough and vigilant self. Although he may find certain matters irksome, to delay a response or not give the required information could lead to further correspondence and be to his detriment. The Year of the Dog does require thoroughness and care in money matters.

Travel, though, is more positively aspected and the Ox could have several opportunities to go away over the year. Sometimes family and friends living some distance away1 will invite him to stay or he may see a travel offer which appeals to him. By following these up, the Ox will enjoy seeing both old friends and new places. Even those Oxen who are not keen travellers can greatly benefit from going away and having a break from their usual routine.
As far as the Ox’s domestic life is concerned, this will be an active year. Home life will often be conducted at a fast pace and again the Ox’s organizational talents will be greatly valued. The Ox also recognizes the value of spending time together and despite the often considerable activity will always try to ensure that there are times to talk and special occasions for everyone to enjoy. Once again, his input will be significant. Also, with travel favourably aspected, a family holiday could be a special time.

However, while much can go well, there could also be some matters which could concern the Ox over the year, possibly the attitude and actions of a close relation or the plans that a loved one may be considering. At such times the Ox would find it helpful to talk things over quietly, explaining his viewpoint and any misgivings, but also listening to others. He will find such a discussion more productive than going off in a tirade, as Oxen sometimes do! In 2018 dialogue and good communication really can help in many areas.
Always one to choose his friends with care, the Ox will find his social life will bring him much pleasure over the year. In some cases his work or special interests will lead to invitations and as a result, his social circle will widen. Those Oxen who may be lonely or have recently had personal problems will find that joining an interest group or becoming involved in local activities can lead to making new friends as well as being a satisfying use of their time. For unattached Oxen, the Year of the Dog is splendidly aspected, with affairs of the heart often bringing much happiness and with good prospects of settling down with a partner, becoming engaged or marrying. The months from March to May and August and September may well see some splendid personal occasions.

The Year of the Dog certainly holds many interesting prospects for the Ox. With opportunities to travel, to socialize and to enjoy some special times with loved ones, there will certainly be much to appreciate. Although he will often face pressures and demands in his work, the Ox has never been one to shrink from a challenge, and by giving his best he will not only learn a great deal but also discover new talents, some of which will be instrumental in the success he will enjoy in following years.

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