Horoscope March 2020

Astrology March 2020

Imagination and creativity will be high during March. Several major planets will make the sky shine for all of us during this period; a month in which harmony and charm, ideals, joy and a huge illusion will prevail. The Sun will cause hope to rise and thousands of fantasies to come true.

There will be a desire for understanding other people, and the power of Jupiter and Mercury will see to this —the prosperity and abundance these two planets put forth being unlimited.

May good spirits, different ideas, and non-stop progress be back! On the other hand, the structures conforming life, family grounds and fundamental matters shall be put to question. Some plans will be stalled —being these either relationships or money matters.

They will be regarded from a more skeptical and stark point of view. Likewise, people will reconsider their own objectives, get rid of frivolities, and live again the intensity of all that really matters to them. It is a time of changes, dreams, illusions and new beginnings.

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