Horoscope Libra September 2021

Predictions Libra September 2021

With many planets now in the Eastern sector of your chart, and with important planets moving forward, an important shift is taking place in your life. You are getting ready to ereate new conditions and circumstances according to your ideals. Your life is moving forward. You can be more independent now. Satisfying the self is becoming more important than satisfying others.
Many planets in the 12th House for most of the month produce a sense of world-weariness. The same old social routine and the ways of the world bore you. You crave solitude. Know there is nothing wrong with you and that these feelings are natural. Where the world might place some fancy label on these feelings – this disorder or that dysfunction – the teachings of astrology say otherwise. The craving for solitude is as much a part of our nature as the craving for outer sensation.
There are times when we need to withdraw from the world and get into closer contact with ourselves. This is one of those times. Solitude and introspection will also help you to formulate more clear personal goals now that you have more independence and energy. Many of you will also be more involved with charitable activities this month. This too is a reaching out for something higher and greater than what you’ve been doing. Much of these feelings will pass after the 23rd when the Sun moves into your own Sign.
Your health is excellent all month, but take a reduced schedule around the time of the eclipse – from the 4th to the 7th. The Lunar Eclipse signals important job and career changes, and since it basically makes positive aspects to you, these changes will be good ones. Employers will witness some upheaval with the workforce which forces change.
Pluto, your Money Planet, started moving forward late last month. Stalled financial deals and projects are starting to move forward again. Finances will undergo long-term improvement, which you will feel after the 23rd.

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