Horoscope Libra September 2019

Last month on the 16th when Venus entered your sign, a Grand Square formed in the heavens – a rare aspect. This Grand Square becomes even stronger this month as more short-term planets enter the picture, indicating a hectic, hyperactive month ahead. Things are complicated. Many competing interests have to be balanced. The least little disturbance can crash the edifice that you’re trying to build. You are involved in some big, big project. Happily, health is much better now than it has been in the past few months so you have the energy to handle all this activity. However, don’t fall for the illusion that if you push yourself when you’re tired you’ll get more done. The reverse is more likely. When tired, rest. Take a break. When you feel rested, go back to what you were doing.
The planets are now in their maximum Eastern position this month. This means that personal independence is at its maximum for the year. So make use of this. If there are conditions that you don’t like, that are uncomfortable, take the bull by the horns and make the changes.
On the 22nd, as the Sun crosses the Ascendant, you enter a yearly personal pleasure peak. So pamper yourself a little. Librans don’t need lectures from me about pampering; they know very well how to do this. This is a time to get the body and image the way you want it to be, to buy the clothing and accessories you need, to get those massages and maniĀ­cures, and to look the success that you are.
Love seems complicated this month. You and the beloved are on different pages after the 11th and not in agreement.
But Libra knows how to bridge these conflicts – there is no one out there who can do this better than you. Love opporĀ­tunities happen through friends, groups and group activities. The online world, social networking sites and dating sites also seem good for love. Even if you are in a relationship, much of it is happening online.
Finances are still stressful, but you seem more focused on them after the 11th and this is a help. You are giving this area the attention and focus that is needed and this tends to success.
On the 22nd, the planetary power shifts from the upper half to the lower half of the Horoscope. By now you have achieved your important career goals. Sure, there is always more to achieve, but now it is good to focus on your home, family and emotional wellbeing. Now it is time to create the psychological infrastructure for future career success. Career is still excellent this month. There are job opportunities too. But now you can be more choosy. You need a career that allows for emotional harmony and which doesn’t overly stress the family.
Venus makes fabulous aspects to Jupiter on the 27th and 28th. This brings a nice payday and luck in speculations.