Horoscope Libra October 2021

Predictions Libra October 2021

With many planets in the Eastern sector of the self, and more planets moving forward, this month is sure to be a good one. You have plenty of energy and opportunity to create your own conditions and circumstances. You get your own way this month. Others are adapting to you for a change.
Your health has seldom been better. Seldom have you looked this good or been more magnetic. Always an elegant dresser, this month you are even more of one. The opposite sex takes notice. This would be a good time to shop for clothing, jewellery or personal accessories, as your aesthetic sense is particularly keen. Purchases made now might be more expensive, but will be quality. Exercise regimes that involve the physical expression of beauty – dance, aerobics, skating, Tai chi and the like – are good for you now. Those of you auditioning for modelling or acting jobs see real success.
Job-seekers in general are meeting with more success, but greater research is still necessary. Make sure you nail down all the details of any prospective offer. Things are not what you believe them to be.
Finances are improving day by day. The snags and delays of the past are now history. Financial projects, investments and deals prosper. Friends in the right places are supportive of your financial goals. Networking and social gatherings provide financial opportunities. Sales, marketing and dealings with the media go well. Your financial ideals and horizons are big. There is much dealing with foreigners in your financial life, and some foreign travel this month would not be out of line.
Your love life is more complicated this month as Saturn moves into your House of Marriage. This shows there’s still some unfinished business with a lover or ex-lover. You might have to tie up some loose ends there. There is more caution in your social life and a need to focus on quality rather than quantity. But have no fear, singles, love is chasing after you. There is nothing you need to do, it will find you very shortly. Right now it is behind the scenes. Dissatisfaction with a current love situation stems from your high ideals about love. You see what you can have, what is possible to you, so a present romantic situation seems paltry by comparison.

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