Horoscope Libra October 2019

Uranus has been square to Pluto, your financial planet, all year, but now the aspect is very exact. Major financial changes are going on. Happily Pluto is now moving forward (this began on September 20). Thus, there is more financial clarity and the changes should be good. In the short term it’s probably not pleasant – you seem to be forced into the changes by circumstances – but in the long term they will be good. It’s not advisable to be speculating now or next month. Expenses related to children (or children figures) seem to be causing the stress and the change.
A Lunar Eclipse on the 18th affects you strongly, so take it nice and easy during that period. Avoid risky activities. Like every Lunar Eclipse this brings career changes and dramas, and shake-ups in your company or industry. Parents or parent figures are also affected and they should also take a nice, easy, relaxed schedule. This eclipse impacts on Jupiter, the ruler of your 3rd house of communication, so there could be communication breakdowns and glitches this period. Cars and communication equipment will get tested. There are dramas in your neighbourhood, with neighbours and siblings. With Jupiter still powering your career, this eclipse will probably boost the career later on down the road. Since this eclipse occurs in your 7th house of love, your current relationship gets tested. Be more patient with the beloved this period as he or she is more temperamental. Business partnership or joint ventures also get tested.
Since June 27 job seekers have had magnificent aspects. Jobs don’t seem a problem. However, if you are still looking, do more homework before accepting any position. With your work planet retrograde for the past few months, things are not what they seem or the way they are being presented. This applies to those who employ others as well. Do more than the usual checks before hiring anyone.
Love is a bit of a roller-coaster this month. For a start, you are in a period of personal independence and want things your way, and this tends to stress relationships. Until the 7th there is conflict in love. From the 7th to the 15th it quiets down a bit, but the conflict resumes from the 15th onwards. The eclipse is also complicating things. Your social genius will handle these things, but it will take more work.
You are still in a personal pleasure peak until the 23rd. After that you enter a yearly financial peak. The financial changes are happening, as we mentioned, but you are more focused on finance, and you have the help of friends and family, so earnings will be greater than usual.
Children or children figures (of the appropriate age) need more patience in their relationships from the 2nd to the 4th. Love is very stormy for them during that period.