Horoscope Libra November 2021

Predictions Libra November 2021

So much good is happening this month that even Saturn’s stressful aspect in Aries is completely overpowered. A good month in a good year.
Retrograde activity is decreasing, and many of the long- term planets are moving forward again – as are your life and plans.
The majority of planets are solidly in the Eastern sector, and Mars gets nearer to your own Sign day by day. This is a period for learning the lessons of independence and initiative, for doing things because you like them and because they are right, even though they might make you unpopular – temporarily. You have the energy and the initiative to create your life as you desire it to be. Take advantage of these gifts.
The two planets retrograde in November are Saturn and Mercury. Mercury doesn’t start its backwards motion until the 21st. Neither of them affects you very much. Mercury’s retrograde affects foreign travel plans, religious and academic issues. Long journeys or appointments with education administrators or officials should be done before the 21st. Saturn’s retrograde affects the home and family situation, which is still delicate. Bide your time in family matters and with moves or major renovations in the home.
Your health is super all month. Those of you who had health problems will try a new tack – a new approach – this month and hear good news. Whether it was the new technique or your new life-force that had done the trick will be debatable. In any case, you will feel great.
Finances continue to be strong. Earnings increase. Money is earned through group activities and through good teamwork. Outside capital is available – either through investors or lenders. Your financial ideals are attained this month.
Though a dark cloud hovers over a present relationship, love is pursuing you behind the scenes. You have a secret admirer who will make him- or herself known later in the month. Your lover is going out of his or her way to please you. You will have love on your own terms in the coming months.

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