Horoscope Libra November 2020

The Moon waxes on the 1 st and from the 15th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 2nd to the 15th: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 15th occurs in Scorpio, your 2nd Solar House. Financial issues get clarified this month. We have two Moons this month. The Moon of the 1st occurs in Taurus, your 8th Solar House, giving you extra energy for expressing your libido and helping others prosper. The Moon of the 30th occurs in Gemini, your 9th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve educational and religious goals. Have some fun on this day, too.
A happy month in a happy year. Venus is still in your own Sign until the 8th, bringing personal glamour, style and personal pleasure. Though your sex appeal is strong, love can be stormy and volatile. One thing has nothing to do with the other.
Your 2nd House of Money receives much stimulation – as does your Money Planet (Pluto). This shows a strong interest in finance – a fire in the belly that wants to achieve financial goals in spite of all obstacles. I consider this a positive financial signal. You will have obstacles, but you will overcome them through your will and determination. If this burning desire wasn’t there, you might give up too quickly. Money comes from your personal appearance and general demeanour. Foreigners or foreign companies bring profits – either as clients or as investments (your individual Horoscope based on your precise date and time of birth could modify this). Friends, groups, organizations and general networking activities bring wealth – especially towards the end of the month. Your fondest financial hopes and wishes are realized (only to be replaced with new fondest hopes and wishes – it’s a never ending process).
Most of the planets are in the east and 80 per cent are forward. Self-fulfilment is the object this month and you make great strides in that department. Though you are a great compromiser – almost by habit – this month you don’t need to be so as much as normal. Create conditions and your life as you want them to be.
Communication and intellectual interests have been important all year – mostly for financial reasons – but this month they are important for their own sake as well. You can afford to indulge your intellectual curiosity. Interesting educational opportunities will come – either seminars, lectures or courses – and you should take advantage of them.
Your 5th House of Fun, Creativity and Children is powerful this month. Thus interesting (and very unusual) entertainment opportunities or pastimes come to you. It’s not the usual night out at the pictures. Singles face many love opportunities; at present it is not clear whether these are serious or just another form of entertainment. Love, as we mentioned, is unstable – but very exciting. On the 5th and 6th there is a romantic opportunity at work (perhaps there’s a party there too). But this doesn’t seem lasting. Be prepared for romantic fireworks on the 26th and 27th. An old relationship can end but something new can come suddenly as well. Affections are volatile and changeable this period, and this is complicating love.

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