Horoscope Libra November 2019

With all the financial changes going on and with your great focus on finance, valuable financial lessons are being learned. Uranus is exploding many false assumptions and expectations. He is also showing you a lot of hidden finanĀ­cial stratagems – all legal of course – that you can resort to. It is the pressure, the difficulty, that is forcing you to a new and higher financial level. Later on you will be very thankful for these challenges. With the money house so powerful I feel you will prevail in spite of all the challenges.
A Solar Eclipse on the 3rd occurs in your money house, reinforcing what we mentioned above. The financial changes are truly dramatic. You still have the help of family and friends and the law also seems on your side. As with every Solar Eclipse, friendships get tested and bad or flawed ones fall by the wayside. There are dramas in the lives of friends. Computers and hi-tech gadgets get tested. Often under these aspects they start to behave erratically. Sometimes you get a new upgrade that is not really an upgrade but actually sets you back. Be patient with these things and do your best.
This eclipse impacts on Saturn, your family planet, so there are dramas with family members or with a parent figure. If there are hidden flaws in your home, you find out about it now. This eclipse is basically benign to you as far as eclipses go. It seems stronger on friends and family than on you.
The planetary power is still mostly below the horizon, so continue to focus more on the home, family and your emotional wellbeing. Without emotional stability, career success will be fleeting indeed.
The love life starts to improve after the 5th. You and the beloved have achieved some kind of balance. Your love planet entered your 12th house on October 15 and will be there for the rest of this month. Thus love is very idealistic these days. The standards and expectations seem very high, and not too many people can live up to them. Be careful of criticism and perfectionism. Love opportunities are in spirĀ­itual milieus for singles – at prayer meetings, meditation seminars, yoga retreats, charity events and things of this nature.
Health is good. The pace of life seems a bit slower than last month. Most of the planets are kind to you.
Finances are challenging as we’ve said, but you have a nice payday from the 14th to the 16th. The money people in your life seem kind to you. Avoid speculations this month. Friends are supportive all month but especially from the 12th to the 14th. They have a nice payday then too.