Horoscope Libra November 2018

Last month there was another important shift of planetary power – this time from the upper to the lower half of your horoscope. It is sunset in your year. Outer activities, career interests, ambitions have been achieved; now it is time for the activities of the evening. A time to go home after a nice day’s work and spend time with your family, create harmony in the family circle and regroup your energies for the next day – which will take place in March of next year. Feeling right is now more important than doing right. Family concerns become more important than career. Emotional ~ inner harmony – is more important than pay rises, promotions and prestige. This is as it should be. You will still have your career – that is not over. It is no more over than when you go to sleep for the night. This is merely a pause.
Having said this, you will have more energy and enthusiasm for career activities from the 1st to the 10th and from the 26th onwards – the periods when the Moon waxes.
You are still in a yearly financial peak. Thus, regardless of what is happening in your career, you still seem prosperous. Your finances don’t seem affected. By the 23rd your short-term financial goals are achieved, and now it is on to other interests – intellectual interests – the care and feeding of your mind. Yes, your mental body IS a body – though on a subtle level of being – and it has its needs. And this is a time to take care of it. Give it the right food, good books, good ideas, good information. Give it exercise – take courses in subjects that interest you. Use it to make future plans and to analyse your love life, school work and educational plans. Some people like to engage in chess or logic problems as mental exercise. But there are many other ways to exercise the mind. The mind needs the right expression, too – thus it is good to discuss your knowledge and ideas with others. Teachers and students should be more successful this month.
There is a solar eclipse on the 25th that occurs in your 3rd house. This is the fourth solar eclipse this year (and the final one). This eclipse is benign to you but shakes up the world at large (read the newspapers during this period and you’ll see what we mean). For students (below university level) this brings changes in educational plans. There are upheavals in your neighbourhood and with neighbours, or in the lives of neighbours and siblings (or those who are like siblings to you). This eclipse is almost a repeat of the lunar eclipse of June 15 – except the Sun, not the Moon, is the eclipsed planet. There are shake-ups in groups or organizations you belong to, and dramatic events in the lives of your friends. This eclipse will test your car, communication equipment, computers and high-tech gadgetry. These things are great when they are working properly, but when they go on the blink …
You and your spouse, partner or current love are cooperating on a financial level after the 26th. It seems to work both ways. You are helping each other. Each helps the other in need.

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