Horoscope Libra May 2021

Predictions Libra May 2021

Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are in the West, and Venus, your Ruler, is moving through your House of Love and Marriage. These planetary movements indicate that your social urge is now at a peak. You are at maximum selflessness. As the months go by you will gradually become more independent and more assertive, but not right now. Continue to work your social magic, and wow others with your charm and grace.
Your partner should be very good with you now as you are bending over backwards to please him or her. But while you are into love, romance, parties and moonlit dinners, your partner is into eroticism and money-making. So there is a divergence of interest – but not a serious one.
Singles may be searching for love in all the wrong places. You may be going to parties and social gatherings instead of the broker’s office, or the group therapy session, the financial planning seminar or the topless bar, where Mr or Ms Right is waiting. But as the month progresses you seem to catch on. Singles are avidly chasing someone now. Your sights are set.
You haven’t quite caught him or her yet, but you will as the months go by. Some of you are courting a potential business partner – stalking him or her in a charming way – but not yet ready to consummate. Looks like an exciting, adventurous chase.
Your health and energy are improving day by day. By the 21st you should feel truly yourself.
Though finances are good and earnings are strong – especially early in the month – certain plans and projects still need time to develop. Let them grow beneath the surface and spring forth when they’re ready. Money comes from outside sources – a partner’s generosity, royalties, pooled investments, and perhaps loans. Bond traders and investors have a good and successful month. Focus on helping others to prosper and your own supply will be assured.
Two planets go retrograde in your 5th House this month, requiring greater patience with children, creative projects and a current non-serious love affair.

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