Horoscope Libra May 2019

Two eclipses this month are going to shatter many obstacles and obstructions on your career path. While they happen the events are not usually pleasant, but the end result will be good. Some obstructions need dramatic medicine and these are supplied by the eclipses. The stage is being set this month for career success – the next act of the play will begin next month.
The Solar Eclipse of May 10 occurs in your 8th house, so do reduce your schedule and avoid unnecessary risk-taking or stress. This kind of eclipse brings encounters (generally psychological) with death. Sometimes it brings near-death kinds of experiences or surgery. There is a need to under­stand death and to overcome one’s fear of it. When this happens, we will live better and more fully. This eclipse brings dramatic events to the lives of friends. They too can have some encounters with death, and they too should take life a bit easier. Children or children figures in the life, of appropriate age, have their relationships or marriages tested. Computers and electronic equipment are more tempera­mental now. Sometimes they need replacement. It would be good to invest in better anti-virus or anti-hacking software.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th is basically benign to you, but it won’t hurt to take an easier kind of schedule. This eclipse impacts strongly on Neptune, your planet of health and work. Thus there are job changes, career changes, shake-ups in your company or industry, and dramas in the lives of bosses, parents or parent figures. Stay calm through all this – your career is going to be great. This is just stage setting. This eclipse occurs in your 3rd house of communica­tion, so drive more carefully this period. Cars and communi­cation equipment will get tested. If there are flaws, now is the time that you find out about them so that you can make corrections. Important changes are happening in the health regime and diet as well.
Finances are still good (in relative terms) this period. There are still many changes, many challenges and much re­organization going on. The feeling of insecurity is still there. From the metaphysical perspective, this is your main chal­lenge – to develop more faith, to cultivate the feeling of security. Meditation will be a big help here.
Health is reasonable this month. But keep in mind that two powerful long-term planets are still in stressful align­ment. Happily the short-term planets are leaving you alone early on in the month and making good aspects after the 20th.
Venus travels with Saturn from the 27th to the 29th – a very good aspect for you. You could be getting a new car or communication equipment. There is travel this period, either foreign or domestic, and this also seems happy. It also brings a nice payday and luck in speculations.