Horoscope Libra March 2021

Predictions Libra March 2021

This is another eventful, active and tumultuous month. Libra, but when it’s over and the dust settles, the patterns should be in new and more pleasing places – socially and in your career.
Practically all of the planets are still in the Western, social sector of your chart, emphasizing the importance of your social life and the good graces of others. This also indicates that change is happening to you but not originating with you. Your social gifts continue to get exercised. A month of social calisthenics.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th indicates major and long- term career changes which you might not see immediately but which will become manifest in the next six months. Probably a job change either within your company or to another one. A decision is taken behind the scenes by the powers that be which leads to this.
The short-term planets are this month making an important shift from the lower to the upper half of your Horoscope. A corresponding shift is occurring in your life- focus. Family, domestic and day-to-day issues are becoming less important while outer, career and achievement issues are becoming more important.
The three most active areas of your life this month are: the 5th House (Love Affairs, Creativity, Children, Speculation and Amusement), the 6th House (Work and Health) and the 7th House (Marriage and Romance).
Power in the 5th and 7th Houses indicates a hot romantic period and many romantic options. There are opportunities for brief non-serious flings and for more serious romance.
The Cosmos presents you with a romantic smorgasbord. You can select what suits your tastes at the moment. Your social charisma is very strong, as Mars, your Love Planet, moves into its own Sign and House after the 4th. You are engaged in a charm offensive to win over a special someone. A current love could produce tension with family members and vice versa. You will need a lot of tact and diplomacy to work this one out. Some of you are considering eloping.
Earning power is strong – especially after the 20th – but the retrograde of Pluto (on the 8th) indicates a need for more caution and a re-think of your financial goals, plans and investments. Nothing dire will happen, as you go through these periods for five to six months every year. It’s just that you see things from so many different perspectives and angles that arriving at a financial decision is an arduous process – more so now than usual. When you do finally arrive at a decision in the coming months it will be a good one.
Work prospects are fabulous this month – both for employees and employers. Rest and relax more after the 20th.

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