Horoscope Libra March 2019

Saturn, your family planet, went retrograde on the 18th of last month and will be retrograde for many more months. Now is the time to review your home and family situation with a view to making improvements. Important decisions in these matters should be delayed now. Wait for mental clarity to happen first. Things are not the way they seem. Take your time here.
In a way it is good that your family planet is retrograde now, for on the 20th the planets will begin to shift from the lower half to the upper half of the Horoscope. The shift will be more complete next month, but you are feeling it now. It’s time to let go of family issues and focus on the career and the outer goals. Dawn is breaking in your year. It’s time to be up and about; time to make those dreams manifest through personal effort.
You still have excellent aspects for starting new projects. After this month, the aspects become less favourable, so, if you haven’t yet started your new project, now is the time. The period from the 11th to the 27th is best.
On the 20th you enter a yearly love and social peak. You are in the Elysian Fields for a Libran – the place of ultimate joy. It is a very active social month. There is someone you seem to be pursuing. Perhaps you haven’t caught him or her yet, but it seems that you will. The only problem is the continued instability in the love life. Even when you make the catch, how long will it last? It doesn’t seem to matter much to you at the moment. It’s the adrenalin rush of the conquest that is enjoyable.
Libras of child-bearing age enter another period of fertility after the 20th. This will be the maximum for the year ahead.
Health needs more watching after the 20th, when 50 and sometimes 60 per cent of the planets are in stressful align­ment. Be sure to rest and relax more and maintain high energy levels. Spend more time in a health spa and get massages and the other treatments they offer. Especially try to relax more on the 20th and 21st.
Finances become more stressful after the 20th. You just have to work harder to attain your financial goals. Medita­tion on the affluence of God will be powerful and will allevi­ate much of the stress.
Mars is conjunct to Uranus from the 18th to the 21st. You and your spouse, partner or current love need to avoid risky kinds of activity. Avoid losing your temper, avoid confronta­tions and drive more carefully.