Horoscope Libra June 2021

Predictions Libra June 2021

June is a very significant month for you. Libra. Saturn, which has been in stressful aspect for two years now, finally moves away from this position. And while this move is temporary – it will return to Aries on 25th October – it is an announcement of things to come. Watch what happens for the next few months and you’ll see the trend for the next year and beyond.
One of the first things you’re going to feel after 10th June is the lightening of burdens. Family and social burdens especially are going to be removed or will ease up. A stressful marriage or current relationship resolves itself one way or the other. Long-standing problems with a parent now sort themselves out as well.
This is a great aspect for your health, too. Saturn was the only long-term planet in stressful aspect. All the others are in harmonious aspect. Thus your health and vitality, which were always generally sound, get even better. It’s as if you’ve taken adrenalin shots.
You have energy to spare, to get things done, to achieve difficult tasks, to fulfil your dreams. There is a general sense of well-being. This transit does wonders for your self-confidence and self-esteem as well. You can look back at the challenges of the past two years and say, I’m a stronger person because of them.
Your spouse or partner becomes a little tight in money matters, less generous. But no matter, you have plenty of energy to earn all you need. There is a need to be more careful about debt for a while. Be very cautious about mortgages, bank loans and credit card debts now. Research the interest rates and the fine print. Shop around for the best deal. Use spare cash to pay off any outstanding debts.
Most of the planetary power is above the Horizon of your chart and moving forward. Pursue your career goals boldly. This is a month for progress and achievement. Mercury, your Luck Planet, crosses your Midheaven after the 15th – a good time to ask for a pay rise or promotion, or otherwise to campaign for your good. Bosses and superiors seem kindly disposed to you. After 21st June, friends in the right places play a role in your career success.
Though your health is great over the long term, rest and relax more after the 21st.

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