Horoscope Libra June 2018

Health is much improved this month, but don’t rest on your laurels just yet. It still needs watching. Overall energy is much improved over the past few months. Continue your spiritual therapies and pay attention to your feet. If there have been health problems you are hearing good and heartening news this month.
Many changes are happening this month, both personal and on a global level. On the 4th, Jupiter makes a major move out of your 7th house and into your 8th (keep in mind last month’s discussion about the 8th house and what it calls for). Then we have two eclipses – and these shake up the world. Humans have all kinds of plans and projects that come from a purely human, mortal, ego place. Often these have nothing to do with the larger plan of the cosmos. Thus the office of the eclipse is to shatter these things so that the true plan can be made manifest.
The solar eclipse on the 1st occurs in your 9th house of religion, philosophy and foreign travel. For students this brings changes in educational plans – changes of school, changes of study, changes in the administration of their university or school. Perhaps there is a disappointing rejection from one university (which you thought was your dream and ideal) but in a little while there is acceptance to somewhere even better. Avoid foreign trips during this period – a few days before and after the eclipse.
Perhaps the most important thing that this eclipse does is test your personal religion, your personal philosophy of life, your world view – it brings on a ‘crisis of faith’. Old beliefs that are false will get shattered or modified. True faith will survive and get even stronger.
Friendships – as with every solar eclipse – get tested. The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 3rd house. This brings dramatic events in the lives of parents, parent figures, siblings and those who are like siblings to you. There are dramas in your neighbourhood – perhaps major construction or other kinds of shake-ups. Long-time neighbours can move and new ones come in. Cars and communication equipment get tested. And this is a period for more mindfulness when driving (a few days before and after the eclipse). There are also career changes happening – sometimes people change career direction, or because of shake-ups in their company or industry, find their career path has changed.
Your 9th house is very strong this month, so in a way it is good that the solar eclipse is testing your belief systems. You are in a period where you can redefine these things in a better way. These testings will bring new religious and philosophical breakthroughs. On the 21st the Sun crosses your midheaven and you enter a yearly career peak. But there are still bumps on the road. Your plans can be changed by dramatic events.

Horoscope 2018

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