Horoscope Libra July 2021

Predictions Libra July 2021

Increased retrograde activity plus some short-term stressful aspects indicate a need to rest and relax more this month – especially until the 23rd.
The retrograde of Jupiter on the 17th has important implications for writers, teachers, salespeople, people in advertising and students. Mailings, promotional efforts, sales projects and the like should be done before the 17th. Similarly any dealings with school administrators. Relations with siblings and neighbours are more complicated after the 17th; only time and review will clear things up.
It would be a good idea to have preventative maintenance work done on your car, the fax, computer, cell phone or modem before the 17th.
With your Money Planet (Pluto) still retrograde, financial strength is developing behind the scenes. Major purchases and investments should be studied more carefully. Investors are better off planning their investment strategy rather than executing it. In spite of delays, earnings improve after the 23rd. Friends and the connections of friends are the major cause of this increase.
In spite of the above, good career progress is made. Push forward boldly with your career plans. Seize the opportunities that will arise. You have the favour of higher-ups and you have friends in the right places. If you need to deal with government officials or bureaucrats, do so before the 23rd. They are kindly disposed towards you.
Your love life and social life are very active this month as well. Many of you are social climbers during this period.
Many of you are more concerned with social status than with career status, though good progress is made on the latter front as well. You are mixing with the high and mighty, the prominent and powerful. Your spouse or partner seems supportive of your career goals. Current relationships seem more harmonious, more in synch. Your interests and your partner’s coincide. There are flirtations with people in power. Singles find love through the pursuit of career goals and with people who can help their career.

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