Horoscope Libra July 2019

Like last month, career is the major headline. Your 10th house is easily the strongest in the Horoscope all month. Push forward boldly to your goals. Shoot for the moon. Lady Luck is with you and you are catching the breaks. Students are also doing well this month, attaining their goals.
Last month on the 21st the Water element became very strong. You experienced this in February and March as well. While this will produce a comfortable ‘era of good feeling’ – we have a Grand Trine in the water signs – it also makes everyone more sensitive and easily hurt, so be mindful about this. Another issue (and this is a bit more difficult to handle) is that rationality and logic are out. Only the feeling of the moment matters. Everyone goes with their feelings. This isn’t so easy for an Air sign such as yourself to handle. But don’t get too swept up in all this; now is the time when rationality is most needed.
A parent or parent figure is prospering these days. He or she lacked direction for quite a few months, but that is chang­ing now as your family planet starts to move forward on the 8th. He or she is having spiritual kinds of breakthroughs now and this is helping. You seem in conflict with this parent figure but it is short term and passes after the 23rd.
Your spouse, partner or current love also seems successful this period, especially after the 18th. Last month you were calling the shots in love, but now it seems to be the beloved’s turn. Love is more delicate this month. There is more insta­bility than usual after the 18th. The good news is that you are making love a great priority – almost like your career -and this can help keep things together. Your spouse, partner or current love seems active in your own career, helping and supporting you.
Singles find love opportunities in religious or educational settings until the 18th, and perhaps in foreign countries or with foreigners. After the 18th singles find romance as they pursue their normal career goals and with people who are involved in their career. There are romantic opportunities with bosses and superiors. In general there is much socializ­ing with high and important people. The career seems the centre of your social life, and you are working to integrate your social life with your career.
Your love planet travels with Jupiter from the 18th onwards, and the conjunction is especially exact from the 19th to the 24th. This is an especially very romantic period. Singles will meet a special someone. Those in a rela­tionship will have more romance within it, and the spouse, partner or current love prospers that period.
Moves or renovations of the home could still happen this month. It might be necessary because of your new career position.
Like last month, health is delicate until the 22nd. The problem is that you’re so busy you find it difficult to slow down, even though you need it. However, you’ll discover that if you push yourself when you are tired, you don’t really accomplish more – you just tend to make mistakes. Rest when tired and then go back to your work.