Horoscope Libra July 2018

Health once again becomes delicate. Some 60-70 per cent of the planets are in stressful alignment. However, what is happening now is nowhere near as severe as what you went through in March and April. If you got through that period OK, you will get through this one, too. It is said that what
doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger. Thus you face this period with much greater strength than you had last time. Still continue your prayers and spiritual therapies. Let intuition guide you on health matters and therapies. Avoid making drastic changes to your health regime without deep study – your health planet is retrograde this month. Sometimes for psychological reasons, or out of fear, people make changes that are ill-advised. This is not the time for this.
Adding to the stress is a very strong solar eclipse (number three this year) on the 1st. This one is strong on you, so take a reduced schedule. Of course do what you absolutely must do, but electives – especially if they are stressful -should be rescheduled. Only you can decide these things. (You should be taking a more relaxed schedule until the 23rd anyway, but especially around the period of the eclipse.) This eclipse occurs in your 10th house and is a kind of repeat (only stronger) of the lunar eclipse of June 15. It brings dramas with parents, parent figures, bosses and perhaps the government – those in authority over you. It brings career changes, not just in your company but in your industry as well. If you are on the right career path (and by now you will know it) this eclipse can actually be good for you – it will clear the blockages and obstructions to your advancement. It is as if the eclipse is saying to those who oppose you – stand aside, this person is in the divine will. Again, friendships are tested; flawed ones will probably dissolve.
You are in a yearly career peak now, and in spite of all the excitement and change, you are making progress. Your interest, your passion for success, enables you to meet and overcome all the various challenges that are arising.
Health improves after the 23rd. It is still far from what it should be, but there is improvement happening.
Your llth house becomes strong on the 23rd. So this is a social period – not necessarily romantic, but social – friendships and groups are the main focus. This is a period where YOU can make progress in your understanding of science, mathematics and technology. New insight into astrology will also come.
When the llth house is strong we all become ‘friends’ -we all strive to be more friendly and to improve our notions of what friendship is. It is through true friendship – a freedom-giving kind of friendship – that we realize our ‘fondest hopes and wishes’.
Love and romance were powerful interests early in the year, and many of you married or got involved in serious relationships. By now most of you have achieved your romantic goals and your interests are elsewhere. Current relationships can be strengthened by foreign travel, taking courses together as a couple, praying together and attending religious services together. I just read a statistic that people who pray together have a 90 per cent lower divorce rate than those who don’t. This may or may not be true for everyone, but for you, this month, it certainly is.

Horoscope 2018

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