Horoscope Libra February 2021

Predictions Libra February 2021

What is genius if it is never used? With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets in your Western, social sector, the Cosmos has ensured that you will have ample scope for your social genius. For another Sign this configuration would be stressful. For you it shows success, for it plays to your strengths. Your social genius gets strengthened even further after the 5th when Venus starts moving forward again.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are still below the Horizon of your chart (this is going to change in the next few months), indicating a need to feel good, to find emotional harmony and get in touch with your true feelings. The inner side of life is more alluring than the outer for you right now. Feeling good is more important than doing good.
After the 5th, 100 per cent of the planetary power is in forward motion. This in an active month filled with progress and achievement – both personally and collectively. Push forward boldly (but gently) with your plans and projects. And though much of what is happening will happen from others, relax on the tide of change. The tide is carrying you forward to your destination. Your paddling could make it happen a little faster, though; and even when riding a tide it is nice to know where you want to get off.
The Solar Eclipse of the 26th is kind to you. It occurs in your 6th House of Work, indicating job changes or alterations in the workplace. (This could be within your current company or in a new one.) You might change doctors or health regimes. It also affects your 11th House of Friends, indicating that a current friendship will be tested. It also affects Mercury and Jupiter, your planets of spirituality and neighbours and siblings. Flaws in these areas will be revealed so that corrective actions can be taken.
Finances are stable but stronger before the 20th than after. They are good after the 20th but job changes and developments at work make you feel more insecure financially.
Love sparkles before the 20th. After that you are more serious and work-orientated. Your health is excellent all month, but especially before the 20th.

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