Horoscope Libra February 2019

The aspects for starting new projects or ventures or for launching new products are even better this month than last month. The solar cycles, both personal and universal, are waxing. The planetary momentum is even more forward than last month – all the planets are moving forward. Thus, if you are planning these things, this is the time. The 10th to the 18th is the best period in the coming month.
Last month on the 19th, your 5th house of fun, creativity and children became powerful. This is a time to explore the rapture side of life; a time to create and build up your forces for later on. Personal fertility is at the maximum for the year right now.
This is not a year for speculations. Some years are like that. But this month, until the 18th, is one of the best peri­ods in the year for this. You seem luckier. You are also more involved with children this period, either your own or others’. You get on with them better. They gravitate to you more. Those of you in the creative arts (and many Librans are) have enhanced creativity now. The creative juices are stronger than usual.
Love wasn’t serious last month, nor does it seem serious this month. However, you don’t seem to mind and you seem active in that department. On the 2nd your love planet, Mars, enters your 6th house. This indicates opportunities for the office romance. There are also romantic opportunities with health professionals in general, or with those who are involved with your health. The 3rd to the 5th seems espe­cially strong for this. Singles are likely to meet someone they consider their ‘ideal’ during this period. But of course one must look deeper: he or she could also be your biggest illu­sion. Love is spiritual this month – idealistic and very tender. There is a great desire to serve the beloved. He or she will certainly appreciate this. Spiritual milieus are also scenes for romance or romantic meetings.
On the 18th, your 6th house of health becomes powerful, and so you are more focused here. This is a wonderful thing. Health is much better than in 2012 or 2013, but still pays watching. Spiritual healing has become very important ever since Neptune moved into your 6th house last year, but this month it is even more important. Mercury, your spiritual planet, also moves into this house on the 5th and stays there for the rest of the month. Apply the spiritual techniques you have learned now and you will get good results.
Finances will be better, easier, after the 18th. There are wonderful job opportunities out there for job seekers this period. Those who employ others seem to attract good qual­ity employees as well.