Horoscope Libra December 2021

Predictions Libra December 2021

Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are below the Horizon of your chart, giving you a breather from the outer world for a while and allowing you the luxury of time with which to mend fences with your family and to find emotional harmony. If you go through the month feeling good and harmonious about yourself, consider it a success. This is the time to marshal emotional support for future career goals and to enlist the aid of family members in your quests.
People undergoing psychological therapies make much progress this month. Those of you who are moving, buying or selling a home, redecorating or buying furnishings for the home do very well.
The planets are making a major shift Westwards later in the month, making social issues, once again, very dominant. Your Love Planet, Mars, will be in your own Sign of Libra all month, further emphasizing your social life. There’s nothing you need to do to find love this month. It is chasing after you and will find you. It is, in fact, already there. Mars in your own Sign indicates that you are playing host or hostess at many parties and gatherings this month. Friends are coming to you. In general you get your way in love right now. Your spouse, partner or lover is going out of his or her way to please you.
Mars in your own Sign also indicates that this is an active month. You are running around. There is more physical exercise, sport and athletics in your life. Your temper is more likely to flare. You can get rushed, impatient, harried. You want things instantly. On the positive side, you get more things done. You have more physical energy (though you should rest and relax more after the 22nd) and drive. Your need for sensual pleasure is more intense. Eroticism is stronger than usual.
Finances are strong and will get stronger when Mercury moves forward on the 11th. Hold off all sales, marketing and media projects until after the 11th. The pursuit of intellectual interests and your ability to communicate brings profits and increased earnings.

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