Horoscope Libra August 2021

Predictions Libra August 2021

A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but nought comes nigh unto thee. Retrograde activity and two eclipses are playing havoc with the world and with many people around you, but you walk through unscathed. In fact your life and plans move forward.
The planetary power marches ever more Eastward day by day, giving you more independence and more ability to take charge of your life. Never mind what’s going on with others right now, there are actions you can take which will further your goals. Take them.
The retrogrades are affecting the home and family life somewhat. Moves, major renovations and home purchases, mortgage closures and the like should be wrapped up before the 15th. After that, it would be best to wait before finalizing. It’s OK to negotiate, study and get facts, but hold off on a final decision or contract for a few months.
Lunar eclipses always tend to affect your career, as the Moon is your Career Planet. The eclipse of the 8th is no different. But since it occurs in your 5th House it seems benign. Career changes are good. Upheavals open up opportunities and work in your favour. Relations with children change for the better. A new cycle begins for a creative project.
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd occurs in your 11th House and will test a friendship and force corrections one way or another. An upheaval within an organization you belong to forces you to reconsider your relationship within it.
Your health and vitality are getting stronger day by day; by the 20th you’ll be firing on all cylinders. Nevertheless take a reduced schedule from the 6th to the 9th and from the 20th to the 23rd – the times of the eclipses.
Your love life and social life are unusually active right now – both romantically and platonically. Your social grace is an awesome career asset this month. People of prominence and power are charmed, and willingly (and speedily) grant you their favours. Earnings are getting stronger day by day. Stalled deals and projects begin moving forward again.

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