Horoscope Libra August 2018

Last month you started to make very dramatic financial changes. Change of investments, bankers, brokers, financial planners, changes of strategy and the like. This trend will intensify next year, but is still going on. The cosmos is leading you to true financial freedom and perhaps you have been going about it in the wrong way, and so dramatic measures need to be taken. In general you are more experimental in finance now – more of a risk-taker – more willing to get involved in new and untried industries or companies. You want to test the orthodox rules of finance and see what works for you. Sure, there may be a few blow-ups and failures, but don’t stop. When success happens, it will be big.
Your spouse, partner or current love is prospering. This is a banner financial year (from June 4 onwards). He or she is more generous with you. You have beautiful aspects for spousal support.
Many of you have or will inherit money this year. There is good fortune with estates, insurance claims and royalty issues. You have good access to outside investors and to credit. Your challenge is to use this gift in a responsible way and not abuse it.
Your love planet moves out of the 9th house and into the 10th house of career on the 3rd; this gives us many messages. Your spouse, partner or current love seems involved in a very big and complicated project – these things are always stressful. Friends can be like this, too. Any little thing can blow the project to bits. There is a delicate balancing act happening. This transit shows that you are mixing with the high and mighty, with people above you in status and power. Your spouse is very ambitious and yet very active in your own career. Your lover and friends are supporting your career goals.
Most importantly, this transit shows a shift in your love attitudes. You are allured by power and prestige. You are allured to those who can help your career. If you are married, this is a period for ‘doing your job perfectly’ – not so much about romantic passion but about showing love through practical service. Those as yet unattached have the aspects of the office romance – romantic involvement with bosses or superiors.
Love is very delicate from the 3rd to the 18th. Be more patient with your beloved. Passions run high. Little things can prompt ‘over-reactions’. No need to make matters worse. Your spouse, partner or current love should avoid risky activities. Let him or her be more mindful when driving, and avoid conflict and confrontation. (If you read the newspapers during this period, you’ll see why we say this.)
This month (after the 3rd) the planetary power shifts from the West to the East. You are now in a period of greater Personal independence. Perhaps this is not as comfortable as before. Independence is not your main genius, but the good news is that you can now make the changes – create the conditions – that need to be made. You have the power to make life more comfortable for yourself now.

Horoscope 2018

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