Horoscope Libra April 2021

Predictions Libra April 2021

The planetary power continues to be heavily in the West this month, and much of it is in your 7th House of Love and Marriage. You continue to exercise your social skills, being true to your Libra-like nature. You are mediating, conciliating, balancing and harmonizing disparate and often antagonistic forces. You are subtle, non-aggressive and achieving your good through the good graces of others. Your social life is active, fast-paced, even stormy – very exciting, though. The charm offensive that you launched last month continues this month. You are luckier in love than you think. This realization could hit home later on.
Mercury, your 9th House Ruler, is retrograde until the 20th. Though foreign travel opportunities are coming to you, it might be better to delay them until after the 20th. Those of you who are dealing with university administrators or graduate schools are better off scheduling appointments or submitting applications after the 20th as well.
The retrograde of your 9th House Lord makes you feel that your luck is not what it should be or that you have difficulty in understanding the principle of things – the higher law behind something. But really it is telling you to think more deeply on these issues. By the 20th these affairs are resolved.
The retrograde of Pluto is significant for you, as it is your Money Planet. Continue to take a cautious approach to investments and major purchases. Since Pluto retrogrades for many months, you cannot totally stop or reschedule your financial life. But you can do more homework. When it comes to non-essentials, if in doubt don’t do anything. First arrive at a feeling of certainty, then invest, or buy.
In spite of Pluto’s retrograde your finances are strong this month. Your social grace is like money in the bank. Friendships, partners and social gatherings bring financial opportunities. Those looking for work find it easily and harmoniously. Those who employ others find quality help. Those already in a job are seeing a redecoration or expansion of the workplace. Work is a good and romantic place to be right now.
With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets moving forward, overall this is a month of achievement and progress.

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