Horoscope Libra April 2019

Finances are still stressful, but who cares? As long as love is going well, Libra is good. This is what life is all about. As long as Libra is in the ‘feeling’ of love, everything else will work out. You are still in a yearly love and social peak until the 19th. Romance is happening for singles – the 14th to the 20th seems especially good. Even children of an appropriate age seem romantically involved now. Love has been exciting for some years now, but this month even more so. Romance can happen anywhere at any time, in the most unexpected places or situations. The only problem in love is the stability of these things. Lightning flashes light up a dark sky, but they fade out very quickly. You have many lightning flashes these days, and seem content to wait for the next one when one dies out. Librans are much more popular than usual this period. You are really going out of your way for others (and especially the beloved) and this is appreciated – if not outwardly, it is inwardly.
Finances will improve after the 19th. In fact, this period -from the 19th onwards – is one of your most prosperous periods this year. (Your yearly financial peak will happen in October-November, but now is almost as good.) You are making very dramatic financial changes these days and this brings feelings of insecurity. A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th in your money house reinforces what we are saying here. Yes, there are financial bumps, but the end result is prosperity. The Lunar Eclipse also shows career changes happening.
Health needs more watching until the 19th. Like last month, many short-term planets are in stressful alignment with you. Your overall energy is not up to its usual standards and thus there is greater vulnerability to problems. Review our discussion of last month. Health and vitality will improve dramatically after the 19th, and if you’ve been having health problems you should hear good news after this date. Librans of the appropriate age are still fertile until the 19th.
Your family planet Saturn is still retrograde and most of the planets are still above the horizon. So continue to focus on your career and outer objectives. The Moon of the 10th brings career opportunities though friends or the current love. It’s good to further your career goals by social means that day. A conflict with a family member from the 20th to the 23rd is short lived – don’t make long-term judge¬≠ments based on this.
Your 8th house of transformation becomes powerful after the 19th, initiating a sexually active period, regardless of your age and stage in life. The beloved enters a yearly finan­cial peak and will be more generous with you. It is easier to borrow if you need to.