Horoscope Libra April 2018

Health and love are still the main headlines this month. If anything, health is more delicate than last month, so review our discussion from then. This month Neptune, your health planet, changes sighs. On the 5th he moves into Pisces, his own sign and house. This is a positive.

Neptune is more powerful on your behalf when he is in his own sign and house. In addition to what we wrote last month, get more involved with spiritual healing. Pray for your own health and, if possible, have others pray for you. You respond very well to this. Also, schedule regular visits with a health professional. Personally We prefer a masseuse, reflexologist, kinesiologist, acupuncturist or acupressurist – these are therapies that add energy to the whole body – something you really need now. But there are many other ways to make the body stronger.

You have the kind of chart where there is a party every night – perhaps a few of them. Singles are dating every night. There is so much opportunity now7 that you might be confused as to whom to choose. Almost every type is available. The menu is huge, there is beauty, there is athletic ability, there is money, education, intellect. Each of the people you meet has his or her own charms and virtues. The unattached might want to try them all.
Finances are a bit stressed these days. The social life is taking up so much time that mere money-making does not interest you. But you will have to force yourself to pay more attention. Again, take constructive, positive steps when you can, and refuse to worry. The problems are short term.

Happily, with the 8th house strong after the 20th, your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak and will take up the slack. Friends seem more supportive after the 20th as well. The important thing now is to get through the month with your health and sanity intact. Keep your focus on that. In all your socializing, keep your health interests in focus.

Horoscope 2018

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