Horoscope Leo September 2021

Predictions Leo September 2021

Though your health is excellent all month, try to rest and relax more from the 4th to the 7th – the period of the Lunar Eclipse. Though this one is kinder to you than last month’s, it will still produce feelings of edginess, weird dreams, and changes in your spiritual orientation. Those on a spiritual path will change meditation techniques or teachers now. Others will change their charitable works from one organization to another, and have strange ESP experiences.
Since this occurs in your 8th House, your partner is making important financial changes because of some kind of upheaval. Flaws in a current deal or project are forced to the surface to be dealt with. Perhaps the financial change comes as a result of a sudden, unexpected expense.
But the end result will be good. If someone close to you has been near death for a while, he or she might choose this time to make the final exit. Those of you involved in insurance or property litigation will see dramatic developments. Good comes from the upheaval.
Mars in your own Sign this month shows a basic optimism and energy. Sport, exercise and physical activity are enjoyable. You tend to be in more of a hurry, more impatient than usual and do not suffer fools gladly. But you will accomplish much.
You are a financial star all month. Money is made easily and enjoyably. Until the 8th your personal appearance is an important factor. Afterwards, it comes from cost savings, financial management, buying, selling and trading. Until the 8th you tend to over-spend – especially on yourself. You don’t even care about the price. Afterwards you become more careful.
Venus, your Career Planet, moves into your Money House on the 7th. Thus you tend to measure career success in a financial way – in pounds earned – rather than in prestige. You spend on status symbols. On the other hand, elders, authorities and even the government are kindly disposed to your financial goals. Actual money, or financial opportunities or ideas comes from these sources. Your financial and investment judgement are unusually astute after the 8th. Make investments boldly.
Love is still very much a waiting game. Those involved in a relationship are taking a wait-and-see attitude. Singles are biding their time. Your love life becomes more active after the 23rd, but still this is no time to commit one way or another.

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