Horoscope Leo September 2019

Mars will be in your own sign all month. This makes you more energetic, independent and forceful. It indicates that you are more athletic than usual and involved in exercise regimes. You achieve things very quickly. However, there is a downside here that needs to be watched. This transit can make you impatient and rash, which can lead to accidents or injury. Be more mindful on the physical plane. It can also increase your temper. You can be irritated too easily over delays or problems with others. This can lead to conflict, argument and sometimes actual physical violence. So be more careful now.
Like last month there are good educational and travel opportunities happening. Students at college level seem to be doing well in their studies. Those seeking entrance to college are being pursued by schools.
You are still in the midst of a yearly financial peak. Financial goals are being achieved. This period is good for more than just ‘earning’ money, but also for making finan­cial plans for the future, for funding your investment portfo­lio, setting up savings plans and so on – for all issues involving money. Sales, marketing, PR, advertising and using the media to good effect are always important for you on the financial level, but especially so after the 9th. Speculations are not advisable from the 15th to the 17th as important financial changes are happening then: perhaps your thinking or planning needs some revision.
Love seems stormy after the 22nd. You and the beloved are seeing things from opposite perspectives. There is validity to both perspectives; neither is right or wrong. The challenge will be to bridge the differences and to rise above them. One can have a difference of opinion yet still love the other person. In fact, the differences can lead to higher and better solutions if used properly. There is a solution that embraces both positions and it is through the conflict that you will find it. Part of the problem is that the beloved is going through a challenging time and this is affecting the relation­ship.
The planetary power is starting to shift to the West at the end of the month. The shift will be more pronounced next month. So your period of personal independence is finishing now. If there are still conditions to be corrected, try to do it early in the month. In coming months it will be more diffi­cult.