Horoscope Leo October 2021

Predictions Leo October 2021

An active but delicate month, Leo. A month of shifting gears and going through some transitions. But overall it is good and filled with progress.
The short-term planets are making a shift from the East to the West this month. Thus, you need to shift gears from being very independent and wilful to becoming more cooperative and adaptive. Tactics that worked for you in the past few months may no longer work in the months to come.
Though career is very important, the short-term planets are calling you to family duties and responsibilities. You need to balance the family and your career this month, and make both support rather than conflict with each other.
Until the 23rd, the planetary power is in your 3rd House. Thus the mind, intellect and communication faculties are especially sharp now. Students do better in their studies.
Writers are more eloquent and creative. Even in day-to-day life you express yourself in beautiful and charming ways. You are the life of the party. There is also much short-term travel, a lot of dealings with neighbours and siblings – much socializing with them. Relations with neighbours and siblings are harmonious and good. On the financial front there is money from sales, marketing and advertising.
Your ability to get the word out about your product or service is powerful. Lecturers and teachers do especially well. Investors are earning money from trading. Your ability to capitalize on short-term trends in the market place is strong. A good month to buy a car or communications equipment if you need them. Financial judgement is sound all month. Enhanced psychic abilities after the 12th boost your bank balance. Long-term investing becomes more favourable after the 12th. Short-term investing is better before then.
Your love life moves forward this month. Love is less volatile than that it has been for some time. A current relationship progresses until the 23rd. After that, family responsibilities could conflict with love. Singles find love close to home. Intellectual communion with the beloved – the exchange of ideas – is very important to you this month.

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