Horoscope Leo October 2019

The shift of the planetary power to the Western sector of your chart is complete on the 23rd, when up to 80 per cent of the planets will be in the Western half of the chart – the maximum for the rest of the year. Hopefully you have created conditions according to your taste. Now it’s time to road test your work. If you have created well, things will be comfortable. If not, you will experience pain and problems which should lead to better changes when your next period of independence comes. Pain is not a good thing, but good comes out of it. It is a message that something is amiss and needs correction.
The planets are now at the lowest point of your chart and you are in the midnight of your year. This is when the outer self, the body, is still but the interior processes are most active. This is the time to set up the ‘inner conditions’ for future success, to get emotionally prepared for the attain­ment of your goals. If you attained goals without the emotional preparation, they would be temporary. You would soon fall back.
Career is less important now. In fact, with the career planet in the 4th house since September 29 the home and family IS your career now. It’s time to get this area of life in order. A stable home base is essential for career success. This is a month for psychological-type breakthroughs and under­standings. It is a month to get the ‘feeling body’ – the emotional life – in order.
Saturn, your work planet, gets much stimulation this month. Thus this is an excellent period for job seekers. Jobs are close to home these days. Many of you will actually be working from home. Job opportunities seem to come through the family or family connections and the jobs that come now seem ’emotionally comfortable’.
Your financial planet will be in your 4th house all month, so family and family connections are important on the financial level as well. However, Mercury will go retrograde on the 21st, so try to make important purchases or invest­ments before then.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 18th. This eclipse is basi­cally benign to you; it occurs in your 9th house and shows changes in educational plans for students. Sometimes they change courses or schools. Like every Lunar Eclipse, this one indicates changes in the spiritual life – in practice and atti­tudes. Often it will bring shake-ups in a charitable or spir­itual organization that you are involved with. The guru figures in your life experience dramas. Love is still challenging, but will improve after the 23rd.