Horoscope Leo November 2021

Predictions Leo November 2021

Most of the planets continue in your social sector this month, Leo. Continue to practise tact, diplomacy and cooperation. Let others have their way (within reason) and work to adapt to situations and events. This is not the time for undue independence or trying to go it alone.
Most of the planets are still below the Horizon of your chart, indicating a need to find emotional harmony as you pursue your outer objectives. With your career situation cloudy at the moment, learn to feel good while waiting. This is what is meant by emotional harmony. Waiting and achievement are equally harmonious.
A great month for family gatherings, and parties in the home. Also wonderful for redecorating or buying objets d’art for the home.
Rest and relax more until the 22nd. Your health and vitality improve dramatically after that.
With macho Mars in your Money House most of the month, you are looking for new worlds to conquer. Money-making is like the hunt. An adventure. You thrive on the competition.
The speculator, risk-taker side of you is very strong. Investors are thinking short term and taking profits. Money is spent rashly and perhaps impulsively. Financial goals are attained rapidly and decisions are quick. In this case this is a positive trend, for on the 21st Mercury (your Money Planet) goes retrograde.
Quick decisions early in the month are called for. There is a need to wrap up all contracts, investments, projects, purchases or deals before then. Avoid financial risk-taking after the 21st, though you will be sorely tempted to try it.
Earnings are strong this month. And, even though Mercury will be retrograde, this occurs in your 5th House – a fortunate position. Snags and delays will work in your favour.
Neptune makes a major move into Aquarius this month. It will stay there for the next 14 years or so. The ferment, experimentation and instability that you’ve been experiencing in love is going to increase. But you like this. A dramatic love life is right up your street. The more volatile, the better.
You find yourself attracted to what the world calls unstable people – artists, innovators, musicians, poets and unconventional types. Understand that the very qualities that make them talented also make them unstable in love, part of the price you pay for being involved with them.

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