Horoscope Leo November 2019

The main headline this month is the Solar Eclipse on the 3rd. Every Solar Eclipse affects you more than most as the Sun is the Lord of your Horoscope. You are very sensitive to these things. It occurs in the sign of Scorpio, in stressful alignment with you. So do reduce your schedule this period. In fact, a reduced schedule is advisable until the 22nd. This eclipse occurs in your 4th house of home and family, thus there are shake-ups in the home – perhaps some unexpected repairs or other problems. There are dramas in the lives of parents or parent figures. Family members are more tempera­mental this period; try not to make things worse. Like every Solar Eclipse, this one affects the body and image. It causes a redefinition of your self-concept, your presentation of your­self. You have a chance twice a year to upgrade your image and personality. Since this eclipse occurs very near Saturn, job changes are afoot too. There will also be changes in your health regime and practice.
Mercury your financial planet is still retrograde until the 10th, so avoid making important purchases or major finan­cial moves until after that date. Your job now is to attain mental clarity on finances. Take your time with this. Once this happens financial decision-making will be easy. Mercury spends the month in your 4th house, like last month. Thus the family and family connections are a source of support and opportunity. You probably spend more on the home and family this period, but you earn from here as well. As we have been seeing all year, many of you are working and earning money from home. Investors will do well with real estate and industries that cater to the home. Bonds and the bond market also seem interesting.
Health has been more delicate since October 23. If you drop the unnecessary things from your life – and this requires tough choices – you will find that you have all the energy you need to achieve what is important to you. Health and energy improve dramatically after the 22nd.
Leos of childbearing age are much more fertile these days than usual. In fact, you are in your most fertile period of the year right now. (It began on October 23.)
On the 22nd, as the Sun enters your 5th house, you enter another one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. Sure, you will be working, but you will manage to have a lot of fun as well. Love is much happier now. Singles are having good romantic opportunities and those who are married are having more harmony in their relationships. Still, with your love planet retrograde, this is not a time for major decisions in love. Let love develop as it will. Don’t try to force things.