Horoscope Leo November 2018

As last month, your 4th house is still very strong. Home and family issues should take precedence over your career. You serve your family best right now by being there for them. Read our discussion of this last month.
Emotional harmony – which you are seeking and finding this month – is downplayed in our culture. The tendency is to worship outer success, outer achievement. Yet true outer success and achievement – with stability – is not possible without emotional harmony. Also, many diseases and other problems have their roots in emotional discord. From a spiritual perspective, the number-one reason why believers have their prayers go unanswered or is due to lack of emotional harmony. Emotional harmony acts as a ‘shortcut’ to spiritual power. It is said that if a person could be in total harmony for even two days, he or she would be healed of any sickness, would be wealthy and live in paradisiacal circumstances. If a ‘taste death’. So, finding your point of emotional harmony is very important.
Those of you involved in psychological therapies should achieve good breakthroughs and insights these days.
Health is still delicate until the 23rd. Rest and relax more. This condition is temporary. Health will improve dramatically after the 23rd. You have enough energy to achieve any goal you desire.
On the 23rd, your 5th house becomes very strong and you begin another one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. It’s a party period. And Leos know how to party.
Though your love planet is still retrograde this month, love seems harmonious and happy. Singles will meet love interests – though the ultimate outcome of this is not clear, these should be enjoyed for what they are. Existing relationships are more harmonious as well. More caution in love is still called for.
Your career planet moves very fast this month – and this suggests that you are making progress even without too much focus. You still seem to be working more from home until the 2nd. After the 2nd (until the 26th) you are working to ‘enjoy’ your career more. In many cases your career advances through the right kind of leisure activities – taking clients to the theatre or golf course, or things of that nature. After the 26th your career is advanced through plain old hard work. Just doing your job well, day by day, brings success. Your work ethic is noticed by superiors.
Your financial planet moves into your 5th house on the 2nd. This shows greater speculations during this period. This is well and good – and you ought to be successful here – but tone it down after the 24th when Mercury starts to retrograde.

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