Horoscope Leo May 2022

Predictions Leo May 2022

Welcome warmer climate with friendships and socializing this month as a number of planets, such as Mercury and Venus, advance in Gemini, your solar Eleventh House. Do view investing, however, and also safeguard valuables when you’re out about the town, particularly mid-month. The top dates for attending or hosting social events will be the 24th, 27th, and 28th.
May brings a Moon/lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, your solar Fifth House, around the 25th. Tap into this eclipse power if you are single and browsing. It could trigger a fresh romance in advance of year’s end. Couples in love will also advantage from this eclipse. If you are a mother or father, your children might be a most important emphasis in your daily life, so you may turn out to be a lot more concerned inside their actions.
The Moon/solar eclipse on May 9 in Taurus, your solar Tenth House, has every one of the possible to increase your status, and could bring a promotion or career chance this month or later on in 2022. Be cautious, however, not to stage on toes, and resist the urge to push on your own and coworkers too challenging. Relocation is probable later on this year or inside the subsequent year.
Although Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square off this month, you’re much more probably to feel the complete clash of those planets during the summer season and fall months. Even so, appear and listen for hints at function and in relationships about what may possibly be over the horizon.

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