Horoscope Leo May 2021

Predictions Leo May 2021

Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are still above the Horizon of your chart, and Pluto, your Family Planet, is still retrograde. Continue to leave family issues on the back burner and focus on your career. Family issues need time to work themselves out, while a focus on your career will bring strong and quick results.
Saturn, the Planet of Discipline and Work, is inching ever closer to the Midheaven of your chart. Success comes through work, discipline and taking responsibility. Success comes from real achievement. Yet, if you are complying with this, it won’t hurt to make friends with the right people and subtly advertise your strengths. These things will help if you have the right product and right service. The Sun moving through your Career House shows that you are ready for a leadership position and that superiors notice you.
Power in the 9th House shows there are foreign travel and educational opportunities opening up. Travel is related to your career but does have a pleasurable aspect as well. Education is also career-related.
Stressful aspects to your Love Planet early in the month show that love is stormy and there is some conflict with the beloved. Tempers can flare.
The conflict is short term, but the retrograde of the Love Planet after the 17th shows that the relationship is being re-evaluated and reviewed – even though on the surface harmony has been restored. Your lover is backing off somewhat – keeping a distance. Singles find more abundant love opportunities after the 21st than before. But there is no rush now to commit to anything. Keep all your options open.
Rest and relax more before the 21st. Your natural vitality improves after this time.
Finances are strong this month. Earning power is increased. You earn more and you spend more. You spend impulsively before the 21st and tend to be more generous than usual. After the 21st your financial judgement is more prudent, more sound. You invest more in your career and long-term future rather than on whims or pleasure. Opportunities in the property market open up. Elders, parents, superiors or people involved with your career are sup-portive financially. Perhaps there is a pay rise at work. A co-worker comes up with an interesting wealth idea. You are more into saving.

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