Horoscope Leo May 2018

You had many philosophical insights last month; now you will be applying them to the real world – your career. Last month was ‘classroom work’ – this month is ‘lab work’ -seeing how your knowledge works in practice.
Your 10th house of career is very powerful this month -40 to 50 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there. You have a lot of help – a lot of support – for career goals. Even family seems supportive. Your success helps them. Again we see elevation and promotion. Honour and appreciation. Most of you are not likely to become household names this month, but your fame, on your level, is expanded now. Though you might feel that you’ve hit the top, your career is only going to become more successful next month. Along with this worldly success comes a deeper appreciation and yearning for your ‘true spiritual mission’ -and you will make progress in this area now. There is work that only you can do – work that you contracted to do before you were born – and now is the time to do it (if you understand what it is) or to find out what it is.
The planets shift this month from the western (social) sector, where they have been since the beginning of the year, to the eastern sector. Your season of ‘people-pleasing’ and dependency is ending. From now on – for the next five to six months – you have the power to create conditions as you desire them to be. You don’t need to adapt as much as you used to. You can have your way (so long as it isn’t destructive). Hopefully over the past six months you’ve seen clearly what needs changing. Now you can implement those changes.
Health is more delicate until the 21st. Rest and relax more and enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report. Events have been frenetic recently, so a nice rest – a slow-down – would be good.
Though your 9th house is not as strong as last month, travel figures this month – probably related to business. There is a happy journey (this could be a pleasure jaunt) on the 1st and 2nd. There is luck in speculations then, too. A happy (non-serious) love opportunity comes to singles. Children are successful.
Finances are good all month. Until the 16th your financial planet is in your 9th house, indicating financial expansion. After the 16th it is in your 10th house showing the financial favour of ‘higher ups’ – bosses, authorities, parents and parent figures. Your good professional reputation is very important then – guard it. Pay rises are likely. Sometimes this happens very openly, but sometimes the pay rise happens in a more covert way – an increase in benefits or perks. It is not an outright pay rise, but has the same effect. Financial judgement is more sound, less speculative, after the 16th. This is another good time to initiate savings or investment programs.

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