Horoscope Leo March 2022

Predictions Leo March 2022

Get set to cheer within the 17th, the day Mercury resumes direct motion in Pisces, your solar Eighth House. Give it a couple days and after that handle any cash mix-ups, too as partnership misunderstandings, that occurred throughout the retrograde period.
Mars enters Aries, your solar Ninth House, to the 12th, followed from the Sun within the 20th and Venus over the 21st. Collectively, these planetary influences will put you in touch with in-laws and folks at a distance. Expect difficulties with a few of them. The exact same may be real should you have an out-of-town work-related meeting. A relative’s wellbeing difficulty could call for your awareness.
The March 11 Moon in Pisces will energize your finances and could even trigger a raise or bonus following Mercury turns direct. Be cautious, though, in the event you desire to apply for credit, a loan, or perhaps a mortgage loan. Enthusiasm could push you to consider on in excess of you may realistically afford, particularly while in the long run. Scale back. Borrow and obtain under it is possible to afford now.
Travel demands caution once more this month, and this consists of your day-to-day commute, notably through the week of the February 27 Moon in Libra, your solar Third House. An accident could come about in a flash, and travel ideas may very well be delayed or cancelled. Also stay away from controversial discussions at operate, and really do not challenge a supervisor or other authority figures, regardless of your solid emotions.

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