Horoscope Leo March 2021

Predictions Leo March 2021

Though this will change in the coming months, most of the planets are still in the Western, social sector of your chart now. This is no time for power struggles or self-assertion, though you will be sorely tempted to try these tactics after the 20th. Co-operation and conciliation will bring your good to you.
Great forward progress continues in your life, though you are not the one causing it. It is happening through others.
Two planets start to retrograde this month. One of them is key for you: Mercury, your Money Planet. It starts to retrograde on the 27th. Thus major investments, purchases, contracts or other long-term financial commitments should be wrapped up before the 27th. Your financial judgement will be stronger and more realistic before the 27th than afterwards. In spite of the retrograde, your finances look very good. Until the 8th money comes to you from others, your spouse or partner, from dividends or royalties, perhaps tax refunds. Mercury in Pisces until the 8th indicates uncanny financial intuition – an ability to look at financial problems from an exalted, elevated perspective and thus to see opportunities and dangers others don’t. After the 8th Mercury in Aries shows an ability to make quick and profitable financial judgements. You become more speculative, more of a profit-taker, more interested in making a financial killing than in careful, patient investing. Still, it will produce higher earnings through a revelation of the principles involved in a current deal or investment. Also greater financial optimism. Be careful of over-spending after the 8th. The Lunar Eclipse of the 13th further highlights your financial life. Flaws in a current deal or investment will force needed changes. A financial setback can become an opportunity. Investors make important changes in their portfolios.
Love continues to be exciting and unstable. The soap opera that your love life has been for the past year continues. Enjoy the roller coaster ride. Your spouse or lover can be lovey-dovey one day and positively nasty the next. A current relationship could end abruptly and a new one begin just as suddenly. Surprises in love all round.
Your health is good all month, but your energy really surges after the 20th. Spring fever is especially feverish.

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