Horoscope Leo March 2019

The element of Water became very strong on February 18 and this situation continues until the 20th of this month. People are more sensitive now. So be more aware and avoid even the appearance of insensitivity. People will react (perhaps overly so) to little things, to voice tones, body language and facial expressions. There’s no need to judge them – it’s just the astrological weather.
Mercury, your financial planet, has been in your 8th house since February 5 and will be there the entire month of March. This shows a need to focus on the financial interĀ­ests of other people. Their interests need to be taken into account in all business dealings – in fact they should come ahead of your own interests. As you succeed in prospering others, your own prosperity comes to you very naturally. Mercury went retrograde on the 23rd of last month and will be that way until March 17. This is a time for reviewing finances, not for making important moves. The object now is to attain mental clarity on your finances, and when this happens you will be in a better position to make moves after the 17th. Your financial intuition is basically good now, but until the 17th it needs more verification. The problem is not with this intuition but with the spin that you might be putting on it. Your spouse, partner or current love entered a yearly financial peak on February 19 and it continues until the 20th of this month. He or she should be more generous with you these days. This is a good month for detoxing on all levels – refer to our discussion of this last month.
Health is good all month. You have plenty of energy, plenty of vitality, plenty of zest to achieve all your goals. On the 20th the energy levels increase even further. This is a very successful period.
The planetary momentum is still very much forward. The Sun will move into Aries on the 20th and this is excellent ‘starting’ energy. So, if you have new products or projects this is a good month to launch them. The 20th to the 27th is the best time for this in the month ahead.
Your 9th house becomes very strong after the 20th. Thus the focus is on religion, philosophy and higher education. Foreign lands call to you and a foreign trip is very likely now. Students have success in their studies. When the 9th house is powerful, people will often prefer a theological discussion or the lecture of a visiting guru to a night out on the town. Mental and spiritual pleasures are more important than physical ones.
You had a yearly social peak from January 20 to February 18. But on the 20th, as many planets start to travel with Uranus, you have another yearly social peak. The love life becomes very active and good. Singles have an important romantic meeting between the 26th and the 30th.