Horoscope Leo June 2021

Predictions Leo June 2021

Though few people understand power as well as you do, Saturn’s move into Taurus on 10th June initiates a new stage in your appreciation of it. This is a very important and long-term trend starting to happen – but you will feel it more next year than this. Watch what happens over the next few months. You are getting a foretaste of what’s to come in the next few years.
Saturn in Taurus is a stressful aspect for you. It joins Uranus and Neptune in stressful aspect as well. This planetary build-up should be taken seriously. You need to avoid needless expenditure of energy; to delegate authority if you are an executive or to take more responsibility if you are not; to work smarter, not harder; to work rhythmically and alternate your activities; and to discern sharply between true and false responsibilities and tasks. The coming years are going to be ambitious ones and you need to pursue your ambitions in a relaxed, non-stressful way. Little things can help you. How do you sit at your desk? Are you centred and comfortable or slouched over and tense? Do you grab the phone and hold it as if it weighs 10 stone, or do you hold it with just the exertion necessary?
Saturn in Taurus moves through your 10th House of Career.
Thus you are making great career progress through hard work and discipline. Your great personal charisma and sunny charm are not going to bring success now. Royal airs and graces won’t do, either. Only real and true achievement will bring you the career prizes and the public esteem you crave. Buckle down and get to work – but try to relax into it.
Saturn is the Lord of your 6th House of Work. This produces some ambivalence and conflict in your nature. You like to play, but now you need to work. Secondly, you are a star in your realm – royal in your essence. Now you are forced deal with menial tasks which you feel are beneath you.
Just remember that service is the great prerogative of royalty. The greatest king or queen is the most dutiful servant.

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