Horoscope Leo June 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 6th and from the 21st to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 7th to the 21st: good for finishing projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 21st occurs in Cancer, your 12th Solar House. Spiritual issues will be clarified as the month progresses. The Moon of the 7th occurs in Sagittarius, your 5th Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve creative goals. Libido is enhanced as well.
The major headline this month is the Solar Eclipse of the 21st. Now, every Solar Eclipse is significant for you Leo, as the Sun is your Ruling Planet. Every Solar Eclipse brings an opportunity to improve your demeanour, appearance and concept of self. This one is no different. But this Eclipse occurs in your 12th House of Spirituality. Long-term changes are happening in this department of life. Those who are not on a spiritual path may decide to embark on this most exciting adventure. Those already on the path might change meditation techniques, teachers or spiritual affiliations. Those of you involved in causes and charities might change your role there. Though this Eclipse is kinder to you than some of the others you’ve experienced in the past, do take a reduced schedule.
The planets are mostly above the horizon this month and Venus, your Career Planet, moves into your House of Career on the 6th. This should be a banner career month. Some of you might see sudden changes in your career – due to job offers elsewhere or sudden vacancies within your own company. These look positive. Though you won’t be able to ignore home and domestic issues, you can safely de-emphasize them.
The family situation is bittersweet. Mixed. On the one hand tempers can fly. On the other there is expansion of the home and of the family circle.
Most of the planets are in the east and this is a much more comfortable position for Leo than when they are in the west. The eastern sector gives more self-assertion, confidence, self- reliance and independence. You have the power to create conditions as you like them with less of a need to compromise. The focus now is on pleasing ‘number one’ and creating a happy life for yourself. When you are personally happy, your social life will tend to fall into place. With Uranus, your Love Planet, now retrograde love may be on hold anyway, so you may as well work for personal fulfilment.
Mercury’s retrograde is particularly important for you, as Mercury is your Financial Planet. It is retrograde most of the month – from the 4th to the 28th. Thus important purchases, investments and financial commitments should be scheduled before the 4th. While Mercury is retrograde it is better to research these things than act on them. Traders in the markets should stay on the sidelines during this period, as your financial judgement is not up to its usual standards. Avoid speculations. Earnings are strong and Mercury’s retrograde won’t stop them, but could create annoying mishaps – delays, misplaced payments, bank errors and the like.
Health is improving day by day. You are starting to feel your normal self.

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