Horoscope Leo June 2019

Retrograde activity is increasing this month. At the begin­ning of the month only 20 per cent of the planets are retro­grade. By the end of the month the percentage doubles. Try to do important things early in the month, before the 7th if possible.
Your 11th house of friends became very powerful on the 20th of last month and is still powerful until the 21st. This shows a social kind of month. You are involved with friends, groups, group activities and organizations. These are not only interesting in their own right, but also have strong financial benefits. You hang around with wealthy people and they seem supportive financially. They provide advice and opportunity. Friends have been helpful financially all year but especially now. Your financial planet in the 11th house shows that technology is important on the financial level, regardless of what business you do. Your technological expertise is important. You are spending more on technol­ogy – staying up to date with the latest innovations – but you earn from this as well.
Finances are good until the 21st but afterwards get more complicated. Family expenses seem a problem. You don’t seem in financial synch with your spouse, partner or current love, nor with a parent or parent figure either. But these are short-term challenges and will pass by next month. There is inheritance in the chart this month and this can take many forms. You can inherit money or things, sometimes from strangers. No one close to you need actually die. A friend whose spouse or family member has died can bring clothing or jewellery to you – things of this nature. If you need to borrow or meet with investors, the 19th to the 22nd is an excellent time. There is a nice payday happening then. Borrowing is also easier from the 21st onwards. Enterprising Leos can earn through creative financing. Your financial planet goes retrograde on the 26th, so avoid major financial decisions then.
On the 21st your 12th house of spirituality becomes very powerful. The year ahead is a very spiritual kind of year: Jupiter moves into your 12th house on the 27th and will spend the year ahead in there. Leos are party people, but from now on it’s good to spend more time in self-examination away from others. This is a time for connecting with the Higher Power within and discerning its will and plan for your life. It is a time for a thorough review of the past year to assess what has and has not been accomplished – a time to identify past mistakes, make the proper corrections and set goals for the coming year, which begins on your birthday.
There is much growth and development happening now, but it is interior, behind the scenes. You might feel it but it is invisible to others. However next month (and next year) the growth will be visible and tangible.
The spouse, partner or current love has a nice payday between the 26th and the 28th. Children of the appropriate age had very good love aspects last month and this month. The whole year was good in the love department.